Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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PhD opportunities in Liverpool

created by daniele on 17 Jan 2019

Deadline: 15 feb 2019

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Dear Colleagues,

The Department of Mathematics of the University of Liverpool is advertising 5 GTA postgraduate positions with mild teaching duties:

and 4 EPSRC/DTP position with no teaching duties:

The posts cover all the mathematical sciences (including finance, statistics and applied), have a duration of 3 and a half years and come with a tax-free maintenance grant of approx £15,000 / year.

The algebraic geometry group in Liverpool counts 5 permanent members of staff, a honorary member (Prof. Nikulin) en emeritus (Prof. Newstead) and 10 graduate students, see

Candidates should be UK residents to be eligible for the EPSRC/DTP positions. All candidates are eligible to apply for the GTA positions but, should a non-EU candidate accept the post, they would have to pay the difference in tuition fees for graduate students between non-EU and EU (that difference is approx. £12,000 / year).

The deadline is February 15th. Applicants should secure the endorsement of their proposed Liverpool supervisor prior to that date.

Best regards,
Nicola Pagani

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