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Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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CENTRO DE GIORGI -- Announcement for 5 two-year Junior Visiting Positions

created by daniele on 20 Dec 2019

Deadline: 7 jan 2020

{{the content of this page was copy and pasted from the origin announcement email or website; please refer to the links for updates and inquiries}}

Dear Colleague,
I would be grateful if you could bring to the attention of your best post-graduate students and PhD holders that five two-year long research positions are available at the Centro De Giorgi - Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa:

Position n. 1: Algebraic Geometry and/or Number Theory;
Position n. 2: Topology, Differential Geometry and/or Geometric Analysis;
Position n. 3: Partial Differential Equations and/or Probability;
Position n. 4: Numerical Analysis and/or Financial Mathematics;
Position n. 5: Dynamical Systems
PhD students can also apply, provided they obtain their PhD no later than October 1st 2020.

Deadline for application: 7th January 2020 (11.59 PM Italian time).

The total two-year gross remuneration, inclusive of all taxes, is € 66,590.00 for each contract, corresponding to a monthly salary of approximately 2,000 Euros. An additional yearly research allowance of 1,000 Euros for exchange visits is also provided. The mathjobs announcement is available here:

To submit applications please link to the ANNOUNCEMENT at

and read the OFFICIAL CALL

Applicants must submit their applications SOLELY by using the on-line procedure "SerSe" ( available on the Scuola Normale Superiore website, and fulfill ALL the tender's requirements. No other submission method will be accepted.

For additional information e-mail job.opportunities(AT)

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