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Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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Y. Bouilly - G. Faraco

Modular orbits on the representation spaces of compact abelian Lie groups

created by faraco on 09 Nov 2022


Accepted Paper

Inserted: 9 nov 2022
Last Updated: 9 nov 2022

Journal: Groups, Geometry and Dynamics
Year: 2022

ArXiv: 2103.14875 PDF


Let $S$ be a closed surface of genus $g$ greater than zero. In the present paper we study the topological-dynamical action of the mapping class group on the $\Bbb T^n$-character variety giving necessary and sufficient conditions for Mod$(S)$-orbits to be dense. As an application, such a characterisation provides a dynamical proof of the Kronecker's Theorem concerning inhomogeneous diophantine approximation.

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