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Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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Workshop 'Generalized complex structures and homological methods'

created by daniele on 23 Apr 2024

23 sep 2024 - 27 sep 2024


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Dear All,

I’m writing to anounce the workshop

„Generalized complex structures and homological methods“

which wwill take place in Hamburg 23-27 September 2024, and is organized by Vicente Cortés and myself.

The aim is to bring together people working on generalized complex geometry and homological and higher algebra to explore connections between the fields.

The website with all registration information is at

If you want to contribute a talk or (as a junior participant) apply for partial financial support you should register by 30 June.

List of Speakers
• Vestislav Apostolov
• Francis Bischoff
• Jonathan Block
• Gil Cavalcanti
• Joana Cirici
• Mario Crainic
• Liana David
• Mario García Fernández*
• Marco Gualtieri
• Madeleine Jotz
• Andrey Lazarev
• Mauro Porta
• Chengchang Zhu

* to be confirmed

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