Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
Geometria Complessa e Geometria Differenziale
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Thematic month "Singularities, differential equations, transcendence"

created by bazzoni on 12 Feb 2024

27 jan 2025 - 28 feb 2025

CIRM Luminy (Marseille)

This Thematic Month aims to cover topics related to singularity theory of algebraic or analytic spaces, algebraic study of differential equations, and their applications to questions of transcendence.

This 5-week program covers different themes that are often not closely related. One of the main objectives is to make them interact. To encourage participants (especially the youngest ones) to attend the entire month and foster interactions outside each one’s expertise zone, the scientific program of each week of the month will consist of courses accessible to non-experts, as well as more specialized presentations.

This month will consist of five successive weeks:

Logarithmic and non-archimedean methods in Singularity Theory. The first week will focus on recent results based on methods in logarithmic geometry and non-archimedean geometry in singularity theory.

Foliations, birational geometry and applications. The second week will cover topics in birational geometry, including singularity resolution, MMP (Minimal Model Program), algebraic foliation theory, and local holomorphic dynamics.

Tame Geometry. The third week will address tame geometry in various forms: o-minimality, transseries, Hardy fields, non-archimedean analogs of tame geometry, and their applications to number theory.

Galois differential Theories and transcendence. The fourth week is devoted to differential Galois theory and its applications to questions of functional transcendence and number theory, as well as the study of periods and E and G-functions.

Enumerative combinatorics and effective aspects of differential equations. The last week is dedicated to enumerative combinatorics and certain effective aspects of differential equations, especially applications in enumerative combinatorics of techniques presented in the previous week, or as effective results on topics covered in the preceding weeks.

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