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Masterclass on Rank Conjectures Across Algebra and Topology

created by daniele on 02 Feb 2024

24 jun 2024 - 28 jun 2024

University of Copenhagen

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This is the first announcement for a masterclass on Rank Conjectures Across Algebra and Topology, which will take place 24-28 June, 2024 at the University of Copenhagen.

The masterclass will feature three lecture series:

Mark Walker (University of Nebraska): Tackling rank conjectures in algebra using Adams operations Ergün Yalçin (Bilkent University): Homological methods for finite group actions Leopold Zoller (University of Munich): Rational homotopy theory, equivariant cohomology, and the toral rank conjecture

There will also be lots of exercise sessions and room for discussion.

The aim is to bring participants up to the state of the art, covering recent progress on rank conjectures in algebraic topology, commutative algebra, and modular representation theory, and especially covering the relations between them. The masterclass will also be an opportunity for young researchers to connect with mathematicians in nearby areas.

The registration form and more details can be found on the website - please share this link with anyone who might be interested!

There will be some funding for graduate students and early career researchers. Since we have limited capacity, please apply by 1 May if you would like to receive funding, and by 1 June otherwise.

Best wishes, hope to see you in Copenhagen,
Ben Briggs, Jesper Grodal

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